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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Last time I left off in the dining room we had just finished giving it a little refresh with new paint and curtains. I've been wanting to do something with the lighting for a while. I loved how the light fixture looked when it wasn't on, but as soon as we turned it on the bulbs turned orange-y and left a strange coloring in the room. Now, I totally acknowledge this is a petty thing in the grand scheme of things, but it was also driving me a little batty for way longer than I care to admit.

We were in home depot the other night for something completely unrelated and I wandered into the lighting isle. (Andy knows this is extremely dangerous.) I had been looking for over a year for something that caught my eye but never saw anything just perfect. Low and behold this beauty was hanging there and I knew she was the one!

The aged brass goes perfect with the lighting finishes in our living room, and the petite swirls with clear beads are just the little touch of elegance I was hoping for without it looking like I had gone all Cinderella in here.

When the light is on it casts this beautiful twinkly *white* light, which brings me so much happiness I cannot even describe it. Andy has caught me turning the light off and on just for the fun of it.

I think that concludes all my shenanigans in the dining room for now! If Andy knows what's good for him he'll stop taking me on late night home depot runs to price out tools. ;)

What fun things have you all been up to? Does anyone find home depot as dangerous as I do?! Uy!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Despite things being up in the air with our adoption process, there has been another little adventure brewing that has kept me a little quiet on the blog lately. I am humbled and excited and scared silly to share that I have started my own little photography business: Kristen Fuest Photography, LLC. I have so many people that I owe thanks to for putting their confidence in me and for sitting me down and encouraging me to do something like this. I've always loved photography. Ever since I can remember I was riding my bike down side roads a few miles from our neighborhood and capturing pictures of horses in a neighboring field with my disposable camera. I took a black and white film photography class in high school and another in college, and then I harassed my family for years at our gatherings by putting a lens in their face and documenting our holidays. ;) It wasn't until I spent some time with my niece this past summer that a new spark ignited and I found the thrill of capturing something deeper.

At times I'm a little bit naive when it comes to realizing what is happening around me. After I had the privilege of doing a few sessions this summer, family members who are well-versed in accounting and business suggested I set up an LLC. Before I knew it I was sitting in banks and signing legal documents and even then I don't think I ever really wrapped my head around what was happening. In the middle of it all, I went on a shopping trip with my mom and she said something to the effect of, "I just want to say how proud we are of you for starting your own business!" I almost puked. (And Mom, that's not your fault. :) ) I just hadn't put those words to it before and all of a sudden the whole thing seemed to hold so much weight. Sometimes I wish I didn't feel things so deep - it would save me a lot of nausea.

At any rate, I have had time to process and I am still flabbergasted that I get to say I have my own business. My hope is to take it slow, to somehow find that ever elusive "balance" between my full-time job and my second passion, and to capture small moments in time for people that they can cherish and be proud of.

Feel free to check out my website. Oh! And my LOGO!! An amazing friend and someone who I adore to bits worked on it for me, Joanna Walters Design. I love it more than words can say.

I have so much more to add and so many ideas to build, but I'm trying to remember to take it one step and a time and to preserve that disposable-camera-passion that started it all in the beginning.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

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Adoption Update: Reflecting On Four Years

This month will mark four years since we began our adoption journey. I can't even believe it's been that long, and yet there are days when it seems I have felt every waking hour. International adoption has changed so much in the last few years, and our journey has taken place directly in the thick of it. I wish I could write this post with good news and a hopeful outlook, but unfortunately it seems quite the opposite. After talking with our agency before the holidays and hearing more about the in-country climate, we were told it would be very surprising if we received a referral even in the next five years. It seems our dreams of adopting a child from Ethiopia may not happen the way we envisioned.

We've had several weeks to process this and we certainly recognize that slim hope is different than no hope. However, we are also trying to be realistic and take into consideration the information we are being given from people who work in this area on a daily basis.

Despite not knowing the outcome of our adoption journey, we firmly believe that this time spent waiting has not been a waste. In fact, it's anything but. We have learned so much. We've had beautiful days, and heart wrenching days, and joyful days, and messy days, and days where we've simply been in awe of the privilege to live this life and this journey. No matter what happens, we know this time has not been in vein. God clearly called us to this season and it has been an honor to trust Him in it. He is good, He is faithful, and we have absolutely no regrets.


Sunday, November 30, 2014

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Knit Hat by Lauren

A good friend of mine and I have been doing some creative exchanging over the last several weeks and I wanted to share this amazing knit hat she made for me. Lauren is a Master Knitter, which I learned recently is quite a feat. She knits absolutely beautiful things and this hat is no exception. There is a coordinating scarf and pair of mittens coming soon and I can't wait to try them all together!

What have you been creating lately? I am always so impressed with the amazing things my friends can make or do that I simply don't have the talent for. I often wonder what sort of amazing shop we could put together if our powers were combined. ;)

I hope you have a stupendous Monday!


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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Deck the Townhouse

Well hello there! Last time we left off I was talking about enjoying colorful leaves and all things fall. Here we are about a month later and we managed to survive an epic snowstorm which put us all in the mood for Christmas lights and Kenny G before you could even say, "frosty the snowman". 

My brother has been talking about putting up lights on the outside of his place for a couple years now, so we decided to make a little day of it and deck the heck out of his townhouse.

Andy was very useful, especially with his long arms and years gleaned from his younger days and his annual family Christmas light hanging adventures. My brother has the perfect porch for icicle lights, so we got right to work hanging those.

He also wrapped a tree out front while mom and I practiced our spectating and "a little to the left" skills. It happened that the day was about 60 degrees, which need I remind you was hot off the heels of our epic snowstorm, which there is no evidence of because it melted just as quickly as it came.

I may or may not have taken over the project management roll when there was one strand left and the guys started haphazardly wrapping it around the trunk of a fat tree. I think I yelled, "Around the door!" about six times before they finally gave in and appeased me.

^^ Um, yes, perfect! Who doesn't love having their front door bordered in Christmas lights?! :)

We came in and ate an amazing dinner together and my brother built us a roaring fire (which I am only slightly jealous of) and we made about 200 attempts to get a good picture of mom and dad in front of the tree. It was mostly shenanigans.

We also updated the chalkboard with a little Christmas countdown. It surely is the most wonderful time of the year. :)

So that's what we've been up to these days. After seeing what good work we can do I think I am going to rope my family into helping us with our house. Maybe I'll bribe them with food and a roaring fire candle.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

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Life Lately: Little Updates

I am happy to report that we have been soaking in the fall season with just as much voracity as we did summer. I told Andy that if there's one thing I regret each year, it's that I let fall slip away without appreciating it to it's fullest extent. So far we have gone to our state park during peak color, enjoyed apple cider donuts with homemade cider (numerous times), gone to a fall craft festival, raked leaves, walked The Farm trails and photographed the colors, pressed cider while eating homemade soup outside, and baked an apple pie. To some this may seem like a rather short and uneventful list, but for us it's quite significant... taking all that time, and many times on a Sunday afternoon (hello football season) to escape for a little bit and appreciate the changing seasons.

I up and bought myself a new macro lens for my camera this week because setting my should-really-be-insured diamond ring on various outdoor foliage wasn't fascinating enough the first time. I am in love with it, and I also have a deep respect for photographers who shoot with a macro lens frequently, because out of about 50 shots I carefully set up and focused, only about three were respectable. This is proving to be a new challenge. ;)

In other, more ridiculous updates, I decided after looking in the mirror every day for almost a year and remarking how long my eyebrow hairs are, that I should trim them. This led to multiple YouTube tutorial sessions on how to properly trim your eyebrow hairs, and when all was said and done I had wielded an adult version of Fiskars just well enough to end up with two eyebrows still in tact, albeit a bit more tamed. I'll consider that a win. (I was having visions of having to tattoo my eyebrows back on after such an adventurous task.) 

Finally, but certainly not of least importance, I'm afraid I have become a coffee drinker. After 29 years of distaste, it has won me over. Just don't watch while I poor the sugar in... certain family members have been known to gasp at the sight.

So, what have you been up to? Anything fun? I fear I have lost all my readers after such a long pause, and if I hadn't already, I'm certain that news about eyebrow trimming and how much sugar I put in my coffee may drive the rest of you to officially cancel your TeamFuest subscription.

Until the next set of random updates,

Thursday, October 2, 2014

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Life Lately // Fall Edition

Oh fall! You're here! Your beautiful colors, your field harvest scents, your layers of cozy crocheted garments, your beckoning for hands to be wrapped around a mug of warm coffee.... it's perhaps my favorite time of the year, yet so fleeting at the same time. We spent some quality time at The Farm last weekend. Just when I think I couldn't love The Farm more, I catch a glimpse of Chloe's grin that does not leave her face for the duration of our time there. There is perhaps no other living thing (except maybe the deer and wild turkeys) that loves The Farm more than Chloe. :)

We're gearing up for our annual Fuest Family Cider Weekend in a couple weeks and we're going to sneak in some apple picking, cider donuts, and football games before then. Other than that, life continues on as usual. I'm off to go wrap a scarf around my neck and hunt down something pumpkin-flavored… ;)

Happy Thursday!



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